From 19th July

Even though restrictions are lifted as from Monday 19th we as business and a club need still to be very cautious about how people behave in our premises,if we put our own rules in regarding health & safety you must abide by them,if you cannot then you must stay away

We will continue to maintain our premises to the standard we have done so throughout this pandemic. If you feel unwell at all please do not come.

Please continue to sign track and trace when entering the club for your protection & so we may monitor the numbers.

Masks need not be worn unless you wish to do so.

The bar is now open, but we are putting back in place that you queue in the marked places as before the last lock down, so as not to crowd around the bar, wear a mask if you wish,no standing at the bar.

Screens will remain on the bar to protect bar staff.

Table service will continue for the present time for those concerned about using the bar again.


You may now sit with who you like,we would like couples to still sit together as sitting opposite each other leave`s spare chairs which we may lose if others do not wish to be sat next to someone else at the present time.

If you do sit opposite then we will take it as you have no problem with anyone else sitting with you.

Please do not move any chairs or tables.

Sanitizers Because people will be moving round the room and touching lots more surfaces than before please use the sanitizers around the room regularly or your own.


You may now dance with whom you like, please still keep a distance on the floor


Please be mind full of others,if you go to a table to talk with someone ask if they are ok with it or would they rather you wear a mask.

We want those who are still very much concerned about their health to feel they can still come to the club and feel safe as they have done for the last 8 weeks, don't assume everyone is ready for close contact.

Be safe keep our club safe.